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Business Practices and AML Compliance Manager

ElevenUp is a start-up with a unique crypto platform, with her own token brings the fiat and crypto trading world to one place. An innovative matrix giving every member the highest potential of their assets in full transparency, security, and a decentralized environment.

To strengthen our team, we are looking for a Business Practices and AML Compliance Manager.

This role is a unique opportunity to have an impact on ElevenUp’s mission, grow as a specialist in anti-money laundering and financial crime and secure our members assets.

Basic skills

  • Master in Law or Economics

  • Strong affinities with compliance and regulations issues

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a legal office or compliance department

  • Mandatory fluency in Estonian, English.

  • Good understanding of French is an asset.

  • Organised and independent in work

  • Deep understanding of security ICT issues

  • Based in Tallin


Job Description ‘Compliance’

  • Set up the methodology and process concerning compliance process

  • Investigate or direct compliance issues concerning new prospects or existing customers

  • Assess products, in accordance with compliance rules, connect to operational risks and document the company risk management strategies

  • Identify compliance issues that require remediation or a complement of information

  • Write, update, and communicate defined policies and procedures across the organization, including subsidiaries (UK) and business partners (banks)

  • File compliance reports with local and international regulatory agencies

  • Evaluate testing procedures for continuous monitoring and validation

  • Verify oversight and monitoring activities

  • Document compliance activities for external audit

  • Consult and coordinate with legal counsels regarding compliance legislations and potential new issues

  • Research emerging ‘new’ compliance issues or behaviours

  • Collaborate with senior management and the appropriate department heads to keep compliance process with ‘state of the art’ procedures

  • Advise senior management and business partners about implementing new and automated compliance programs/ links with external apps.

  • Train employees and business partners on compliance practices, rules and topics

  • Assist external auditors and / or conduct internal audits

  • Report to management and the Board of Directors on compliance programs

  • Review continuous monitoring and continuous documentations of files in IT systems

  • look at the potential threats on data integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality.

  • Check and watch at the types of data stored, accessed, and transmitted throughout your IT environment to internal and external partners

  • Confident in the usage with Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) and updates.

  • Confident with noncompliance and fines in security ICT and telecom issues of banking transfers or payment cards systems.

  • Report compliance violations and execute direct actions

What we offer.
Salary based on experience plus extra-legal benefits.

Please send your CV and Letter of Motivation to

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